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At Mountrath Community School, we believe that our school uniform symbolises a proud tradition and identity in our local community. As representatives of the school, students are expected to continue this tradition by wearing the full uniform correctly, and to take pride in their personal appearance. The wearing of a school uniform promotes a sense of community where every student feels that they are part of a team working towards success. It supports a spirit of cooperation and togetherness as it reminds students that they are part of a wider community. Our school uniform helps to develop a standard of dress that is reliable for everyone and promotes equality among students. We believe the wearing of a uniform promotes responsibility and accountability in our students. It is our expectation that every student who wears the MCS uniform conducts themselves in a manner that is befitting of our school and the values we espouse.

Students must wear

School Jumper with School Crest

Light Blue stiff collar shirt

All Black moccasin style leather shoes

Official School tracksuit bottoms with Crest, official school training top with Crest, official half zip with Crest

Boys School Navy Trousers

Girls school trousers with red stripe or school skirt with red stripe (hem to sit below the knee)

Navy or black socks

Our School Uniform

Please note:

  • Official School Jacket to be worn going to and coming from school
  • T shirts must not be visible
  • Each student is to ensure their uniform is kept clean, neat and in good repair
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