Mountrath Community School

Mission Statement and Ethos

Mountrath Community School will endeavour to provide an educational setting and experience within which each person is encouraged to grow academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and culturally.

Mountrath Community School cherishes each member equally recognising his/her uniqueness, religious affiliation and cultural difference. Each member of the school community is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. All members of the school community are encouraged to share in the responsibility of running the school.

Education lies at the centre of our purpose. Mountrath Community School will facilitate a positive learning and teaching environment. A learning environment should embrace the academic and cultural, leading to the development of the person as a whole. Students are expected to give due recognition and importance to their studies whilst striving towards educational excellence relative to their ability.

Curricular and extra curricular activities help form a mature and well rounded student.

Discipline in one’s life forms an essential part in the pursuit of excellence.

Dysartbeigh, Mountrath, Co Laois, Ireland.
057 8741 080
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