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MCS Film Club

MCS Film Club


Running since 2016, Mountrath Community School Film Club has grown from strength-to-strength over the past three years.

Film is an immense treasury of stories stretching back in time and across the continents. Told in every language, it is an extraordinary cultural asset and one that encourages our students to broaden their understanding of the world in which we live. Students encounter ideas, experiences and emotions that may not be everyday topics of discussion but which shape all our lives.

In MCS, students watch films, write reviews and are encouraged to make their own films; to tell their own stories. Students gain the opportunity to explore the cinematic universe and to engage on multiple platforms with their peers, allowing them to be part of something fun, creative and sociable.

Our Film Club runs once weekly, after school, and is open to all students.

Dysartbeigh, Mountrath, Co Laois, Ireland.
057 8741 080
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