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Meitheal is a leadership programme operating in over 20 secondary schools across the Kildare and Leighlin diocese. In Mountrath Community School, it sees a team of sixth year students assembling to welcome and support the first year population in their transition from primary to secondary education. The Meitheal team members take part in a week-long residential training programme in Castletown during the summer before their sixth year. The training explores themes such as personal development, communication, active listening, assertiveness and group dynamic, as well as practical meeting skills. Meitheal as a programme is all about self-improvement, and leaders are encouraged to take action to make the world a better place for themselves, their local community, and the wider population.

For first years, the Meitheal programme offers guidance in their first weeks in Mountrath CS. Each class group is assigned a contact Meitheal leader, who are there as support for any difficulties they may encounter throughout the year. The leaders are there to help the students, whether it be as emotional support or regarding the confusing logistics of navigating secondary school- lockers, timetables and finding the right classrooms can be daunting tasks for any first year! The Meitheal team are, for the first years, a group of familiar faces that can make their new school seem all the more welcoming, and less frightening.

For the senior students chosen to be Meitheal leaders, the Meitheal programme offers a taste of responsibility. It educates and empowers them to look at themselves and make worthwhile contributions to the school and community. It gives sixth years an opportunity to be leaders in the school, and the training they undergo as part of the Meitheal programme impart upon them valuable life skills that are transferrable as they enter the working world.

For all students, both leaders and first years, Meitheal is an exciting opportunity that fosters a sense of team spirit in the school. The leaders organise bonding activities, ice-breaker games, and fun day trips for the first years, bringing the group closer together and encouraging long-lasting friendships.

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