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6th Year newsletter for parents and students 19th March 2021

19th March 2021

Hi all,

Well done on all the work so far. Thank you for keeping your distance from one another and for keeping to the guidelines.

Just a few things to point out this week.
It is important that students attend for all classes in the coming weeks. Teachers need to be able to see the improvements you have made and that will only be obvious in class. It will not be obvious by your absence. The tests are only an indicator and also function as practice for the written Leaving Certificate in terms of timing. Next week you do not have any tests but students will be preparing for their orals the following week – It is important that everyone is in for the whole week. Being in all the time, particularly if you are opting in for accredited grades, is very important. It is your teacher, who will be giving the accredited grade and normally students improve their standard in the last few weeks. This will be harder for a teacher to judge if the student is not in front of them.

Orals and practicals during Easter

Irish Oral
Monday, the 29th March and Tuesday the 30th March 2021

Fr/ German Oral
Thursday, the 7th April and Friday, the 8th April 2021

Music Practical
Date to be confirmed but in 2nd week of the Easter holidays

We are attaching a circular with guidance on the orals received today. Tuesday, the 23rd March should bring more information and guidance and information on the written exams and how the SEC is going to reduce the number of questions.
Well done to everyone, who has attended this week. We will support you in any way we can but would ask you to help us to gather the evidence needed for the accredited grade by attending all your classes. We know that this has been hard on all of you but you are nearly there so hold tough!!
Have a lovely weekend.
All at MCS.
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