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5th year newsletter

12th March 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and 5th year students.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our 5th years back to school on Monday the 15th March 2021. The return to school of the 6th years happened two weeks ago and it has been very successful so far mostly due the safety precautions put in place and also due to strict adherence to COVID prevention guidelines. It is very important that students, parents and staff understand that it is the strict adherence to COVID guidelines, which will allow us to continue in school. The 6th years have been amazing and really helpful in the last two weeks. We are sure that the 5th years will be too. We would like to point out however that the behaviour of everyone will determine the return to school for all, which will hopefully happen on Monday, the 12th April 2021. It is great that there is an end in sight. The following are just a few pointers that are necessary for a safe return to school:
Covid Return to School Form
As with the 6th years and every parents /guardians must fill in this form for their son/daughter and return it BEFORE you come into the building on Monday morning. 5th years will be gathered in the canteen area and will not be allowed to class if this form has not been filled out.
To all of our 5th years: Well done for..….
  • keeping going with your school work
  • Working hard and managing your time
  • Upskilling- learning new ways of learning
  • Managing your time
  • Excellent behaviour in your online classes
  • Taking part in all the school challenges
  • Communicating with your teachers
  • Improving your student voice
You are asked from Monday to…...
  • Assemble in the canteen area each morning. This will be the area for the 5th yrs for the next two weeks.
  • Use the canteen /outside canteen areas for mornings and every break for the following two weeks.
  • Follow your usual timetable every day.
  • Keep all school rules including uniform rules, they still apply.
What is REALLY important…...
Covid is still a huge issue. Keeping it out of our school depends on
  • Washing your hands regularly
  • Sanitizing your hands at every opportunity
  • Wearing your face mask- keep your mask clean and make sure it will protect you
  • Keeping 1 metre distance at ALL times
  • If you are eating ( mask off) you must keep a distance of 2 metres
This is about keeping YOU safe, keeping YOUR FAMILY safe and keeping YOUR FRIENDS safe- not to mention keeping US safe too
School Attendance and Engagement with schoolwork
  • Your engagement online has formed an important part of your 5th yr course work. Teachers will continue forward with the work- courses have to be finished.
  • This is year one of a two year cycle- you can catch up if you need to- your teachers are here to help with this
  • Remember the last two 6th year classes have had their 5th year work assessed as part of their Leaving Cert Exam.
  • Everyone is looking forward to normality- we all must play an active part, stay alert in terms of health and safety
We understand that the private operators are not back driving yet until the 12th April. It may be a suggestion to form a bubble with another family in order to share the driving?
Again we are looking forward to having everyone back in the building on Monday. We wish you a lovely weekend. We are nearly there – Monday is the next step on the way back to normality.
Kind regards, :-)
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