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Memo to staff 30th August 2020

Good Evening all,

I am attaching the plan for the 1st years for Monday the 31st August.
I am also attaching the Powerpoint presentation from the 1st day. It is important that all teachers study this. It is also important that new teachers log on to and that new SNAs log on to to complete the health check.

Just a few pieces of information:
  • Following a meeting with the AP 1s it was decided that we would change the format of the day to be the same for all groups

This was because there was concern that we were planning to have 3 year groups in the hall if the weather was bad – not consistent with the HSE advice.
Instead it has been decided that :
  • we will have 2 half hour breaks
  • the students will eat in the classroom that they are in when the bell goes
  • If they are in a practical class they will go to the hall or canteen
  • they then can go outside
  • They will go to certain zones
  • The end of break will be staggered to allow for social distancing coming back into the building.
In the next days it is important that
  • Everyone signs in at the office on entering and leaving the building for contact tracing purposes.
  • Each subject meets at least twice.
  • Each subject plans for Blended Learning.
  • Each teacher sets up Google Classroom for every class they have.
  • Each teacher does a class seating plan for each group that they have grouping years 1,2 and 3 together in their class groups as much as possible.
  • 6th years will follow their Tuesday afternoon timetable as normal.
  • Each teacher makes contact with their 6th years by Google classroom and works with them for the rest of the week.
  • Each teacher should make themselves familiar with the Powerpoint being delivered by year heads to the various year groups in order to keep things consistent.

We will be changing the timetable for the rest of the week for Wed and Thursday to be half days to give us a chance to have staff meetings/ programme meetings in the afternoon.

Sorry for disturbing your Sunday.
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