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Students Newsletter 12th Feb 2021


12th February 2021

Hi all,

We have done it! We have gotten to midterm. You have been amazing. The engagement has been better than in the spring but we know that we all would prefer to be in school. We know that this has been really hard for you and you are missing your friends and the school – surprisingly. It is coming to an end and we will be back in the building sooner than you think.

The good news is that you have all been working better and in some cases harder. The bad news is that the engagement has fallen off this week – not surprising as everyone is really tired – students, teachers and parents. We all need to spend the week recovering, regenerating and we need to come back ready for action. Be ready to turn on your camera, interact with your class and follow your timetable – this will soon be over – an end is in sight. Please do not forget to thank your teachers for all their hard work.

Please spend the week doing healthy things. Take up the PE Challenge, go for a daily walk, build a snowman, go for a run, skip, jump, dance, listen to music, make music, sing, draw, paint, read and watch tv. The bake off has been extended til the 19th February and the standard is very high. Reconnect with grandparents and family over zoom or google meet. Go on social media with your friends but remember not to post anything hurtful and to think before you post! Remember that we are all more isolated than we were and that something said online will hurt a lot more than if you were among your friends with support. Also remember that everything that you post leaves a digital footprint that future employers will be very interested in. Remember to connect with people in your class, who you think could be lonely.

3rd and 6th years – please ignore all the media hype around the exams – if you can. Remember- this is beyond our control and we will be told what will happen. Try not to listen to the discussion if it stresses you. At the end of the day you will not be disadvantaged by this and we will do our best to help you through this. You are not alone.

Remember – as always – This too will pass! We are nearly there. Come back after the break refreshed and ready for action.

All at MCS

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