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JC Physical Education

JC Physical Education

In MCS, PE forms an integral part of our overall student Wellbeing Programme.

Junior Cycle students partake in the new PE short course which comprises of units of learning from the 4 main strands of the new NCCA PE specifications:

  1. Physical Activity for Health and Wellbeing
  2. Games
  3. Individual & Team Challenges
  4. Dance and Gymnastics

Our current 3 year programme can be found by clicking on the following link:

MCS Short Course Programme Outline 19-20.pdf

2nd Year PE CBA

Performance Assessment in Gymnastics:

- Students will demonstrate their ability to create, perform and analyse a Gymnastic creation/routine in a group of no more than 4 students. Students will also demonstrate their capacity to reflect on their own individual performance and on their contribution to the overall group performance.

3rd Year PE CBA

Physical activity for health and wellbeing:

- Students will demonstrate their ability to plan for, implement and evaluate their personal physical activity programme, designed to meet their personal improvement goals over a 6-week period.

More detail on the PE Short Course and Wellbeing can be accessed by following the links below

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